Specialized Professional Services
Specialized Professional Services

Specialized Professional represents the professional of particular field in education. It is a National Organizations who work on education field. It is an association who develop and describe the National Standards for their education field. SPAs review teacher preparation program to secure the programs are meeting the National Standards.

Some Programs  organized at the college are as following:






Adolescence English (Literature Track) Grades 5-12

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)


Adolescence Foreign Language (French or Spanish Track 1) Grades 5-12

American Council on the Teaching of a Foreign Language (ACTFL)


Adolescence Mathematics Grades 5-12

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)


Adolescence Social Studies (History) Grades 5-12

National Council for Social Studies (NCSS)


Literacy Education

International Literacy Association (ILA)


Physical Education

SHAPE America-Physical Education (Formerly NASPE)


School Health Education Pre K-12

SHAPE America-Health Education (Formerly AAHE)


Specialized and Professional (SPs) is an association of organizations that establish the quality of programs in colleges and universities for more than 100 different professions and specialized disciplines – from nursing to architecture, and physical therapy to engineering.